North Queensland's Driver Education
and Motorsport Precinct


World Class Facility

Situated at Calcium, 40 kms from Townsville CBD. Racing facilities and track will be approved under FIA,   CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motor Sport), and ANDRA (Australian National Drag Racing Association).

Sustainability and the Environment

Townsville is located is the dry tropics of North Queensland! The rainforest, the outback, the reef are the key features of the region. Sustainability is more than just reducing our impact on the environment. It will help our precinct become more resilient and productive, saving on costs.

Our Commitment

Sewerage: Standalone bio-organic self-contained waste water treatment (recycled for watering grass).

Grey water: Recycled for watering grass.

Water: Rain water collection from all roofed structures, small UV WTP and storage for potable supply.

Lined dam: (for better water retention), deeper than wider, maintained as an eco reserve (flora and fauna).

Electricity: Self contained, initially from Diesel Generator with a view to PV and wind generation (possible grid feed situation)

Solar Farm: designated area to house 100 panels, generating our own energy

  • Planning and design of Drive It NQ
    Solar Farm
  • Planning and design of Drive It NQ
    Commercial Septic and disposal
  • Planning and design of Drive It NQ
  • Planning and design of Drive It NQ
    Rainwater collection
  • Planning and design of Drive It NQ
    Powered Camp Grounds
Drive It NQ
Learn to drive at Drive It NQ
Drive It NQ's commitment is to prevent road trauma by providing effective road safety education to road users of all ages. Our purpose built driver training facility at Calcium will provide the safest possible educational environment.

Our world class track will boast:

  • Drag strip 20 – 22m wide with 400 m acceleration area, 400 m braking area and 400 m std hotmix 

  • Speedway – 450 m dirt oval track constructed to NASR standards 20 m wide

  • Skid Pan – 400 x 200m concrete and hotmix combination sloped and drained for wet surface instruction

    including turntable for emergency recovery.  

The multi-use precinct will support events and field days. Key features include:

  • 2 – 3 permanent grandstands 
  • Toilet facilities
  • Administration building with toilet facilities, meeting/class rooms, and canteen

  • Helipad 

  • Major parking area for up to 4000 cars

Volunteer at Drive It NQ

If you are a motoring enthusiast or would like to join Drive It NQ simply email us now!