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Project Information

The DriveIT NQ Motorsport and Driver Education Facility, is being built at 132 Bidwilli Road in Calcium and will provide the North Queensland region with a modern motorsport and driver eduation facility. The purpose-built facility will provide a safe environment for an array of motor sports including an international-standard speedway and drag track, a national standard circuit, and an off-road area. Provision of driver education and training is a main focus of the facility, providing significant positive road safety impacts for Townsville and the greater North Queensland community and to this end the first infrastructure project is a 2.4Ha large vehicle maneuvering / skid pan. The staged development will implement on-site facilities as demand for the precinct grows.

The Motorsport and Driver Education Facility will meet this need and provide strong economic, sporting and community outcomes for the region. It will also provide a much needed venue for large scale outdoor functions and events. 

What activities will be undertaken at the facility and how often?

The facility provides for a number of components including:

  • Driver Training and Motorkana Area
  • Drag Strip
  • Race Circuit
  • Speedway
  • Dirt Motorkana Area
  • Off-road and Rally Circuits
  • Remote Control Car Track
  • Common use and large events area
  • Go-kart track (if required)

The above infrastructure can be utilised for three types of activities:

General daily/weekly activities include driver education and training, track hire, testing and minor events.

Major events may happen on a monthly basis and possibly include activities such as speedway, race circuit, burnouts, motorkhana or rally events. 

Special events are irregular events that are limited to a frequency of 3 per year and may include top fuel drag cars, festivals and field days.

Benefit to the community include: 

  • Opportunity for an improvement to driving ability within the region through driver education, improving safety on the roads.
  • Addressing of forecasted driver skills shortages and the promotion of new skills development.
  • Project has the potential to generate economic benefits upwards of $22.7 million.
  • Job creation through construction and running of the facility.
  • Increased recreational opportunities within the Townsville area.
  • Provision of safe alternative to anti-social driving activities.
  • Improved infrastructure for the local community (road upgrades of highway intersection and un-named local road).
  • Improvement in Townsville’s ‘events’ profile and a resultant increase in tourism activity.

Who is developing and managing the facility?

The project is being developed by DriveIT NQ, an organisation formed with the objective of securing and operating a permanent driver education and motorsport precinct in North Queensland.

How do I get more information?

This information sheet provides a brief overview of the project. Anyone seeking further information or clarification are encouraged to view the full development application and related reports. These documents are available via the Townsville City Council website.

How do I have my say?

Members of the community who would like to have their say regarding the approval of the proposed development are able to make a written submission to Townsville City Council during the public notification period. This notification period will run from 19 September 2018 to 11 October 2018.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the precinct that you wold like to direct to the DriveIT NQ team, please email or fill out this form:


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