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About Us

DECAMAG was formed in 2006, in response to recognition that existing motor sport facilities in the region were beginning to come under pressure from urban encroachment, and that future facilities would need to be established with a focus on addressing noise and other environmental considerations that are an inherent part of the sport.

Rather than wait until there are no facilities left, DECAMAG is actively lobbied with the objective of the establishment of a dedicated motorsport precinct, that will enable all forms of motor sport to be conducted in the region for the forseeable future.

It quickly became apparent to DECAMAG that while the establishment of the motor sport precinct would be a primary objective, a Driver Training Facility to assist in the education of learner drivers, as well as offering Advanced and Defensive Driving for our more experienced road users, would benefit the region and the economic development.

Interestingly, members of our local Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigade services and other professional Drivers currently receive advanced driver training in Brisbane at a huge cost.

The Townsville 400 Supercars event has ably demonstrated that motor sport events will not only attract significant numbers of interstate visitors to our city on an annual basis. Many local residents regularly traveling nationwide to participate in Motorsport events, either as a spectator or competitor. A facility such as that envisioned by DECAMAG, coupled with professionally conducted motor sport events, will without doubt attract regular tourists and enthusiasts to North Queensland, with the associated economic benefits that such tourism brings.

The Federal Government has committed $12M in two grants to get the project started. The State Government has contributed $10M in direct funding and $5million to upgrade surrounding road infrastructure vital to the success of the precinct. The first piece of infrastructure is a facility for all levels of driver education. This is been used to build a 2.5Ha Vehicle Testing and Diver Training Pad (the LVMA), a 2.75km race circuit, soon to be followed by a drag strip, and eventually a speedway.

The objective of this precinct is to produce a secure environment for all forms of motor sport, driver education programs and other motoring related events. This complex will primarily be utilised for competitive, recreational and learning purposes, in addition to extending the facility to the tourism and events sector for local and regional events and attractions.

Get Involved!

If you are a motoring enthusiast or

would like to join Drive It NQ contact the member clubs. 

Key Personnel

Pat Driscoll | CEO 

Pat Driscoll was Chairman of the Interim Board of Directors, now the (unpaid) CEO. Since 2003, Pat has driven, lobbied and worked with the former Thuringowa Council and the Townsville Council for a suitable parcel of land for a driver education and motor sport facility. 

As a motoring and motor sport enthusiast, Pat is also involved with administration of several motor sport clubs. He has previously raced karts and is a keen motorcyclist.

Pat is a passionate advocate for improved driver education as a means to reduce our road toll.


Greg Fitzgerald | Director and Chairman

Born in Townsville, Greg is completed an apprenticeship in cabinetry, and later broadened his horizons into business management and Motor Vehicle Sales. In 2007 he founded a successful business, servicing heavy industry with field instrumentation and automation products.\

Greg's recreational interests include all things outdoor and adrenaline. He started competitive motor racing in 1996, 4 years on Greg discovered dirt rallying, "Still today I believe this to be the ultimate motor racing discipline" where he competed locally and internationally. In 2011 he realised a 20 year old dream to compete in Targa Tasmania where he returned this year, for the 5th time, to defend the Late Classic title.

Engaging himself with community service clubs like Apex and Soroptimists, Greg helped form the DECAMAG group in 2006. Greg is a key initiator for Drive It NQ, saying "I could never comprehend why Townsville had such crappy motor sport infrastructure and knew that this was my opportunity to help that change".

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